Partnership Details

Partners pay a monthly partner contribution of $350.00 on a 12 month contract.

Partners receive:

1/4 beef,
1/2 hog,
50 meat chickens,
1 Thanksgiving turkey,
6 laying hens (avg. of 2 dozen eggs/week + stewing hens)
and lamb and goat evenly distributed among partners.  

Point your mouse HERE for a list of example cuts and weights.
Generally from 2 to 4 people. Most of our partners are older couples approaching retirement age or younger couples with one or two young children.  There is about 400 pounds of meat per year or a little over 1 pound per day plus eggs.  That amount will typically make three full evening meals per week that provide leftovers for two or three breakfasts and lunches plus soups and broths. Click here to see a 52-week sample menu based on example cuts from 2016 from a full partnership.
Yes. You will need to have a chest or upright freezer. We typically recommend that you have a 13 - 15 cubic foot freezer. Remember that you will not be putting all of the meat in the freezer at once because you will pick it up at different times of the season and you will be eating it. The rule of thumb on freezer space is that it takes about 1 cubic foot to store 25 lbs of frozen meat cuts. Whole chickens take about a cubic foot for every 6-8 birds.

You pick up your meat at Maple Valley Farm just northwest of Bloomington (about 14 minutes from downtown.) The animals are butchered seasonally with chicken available on a weekly basis throughout the summer, lambs from mid-summer to fall, beef in mid-summer to fall, pork throughout the year and eggs all year long. Thanksgiving turkeys are butchered the week prior to Thanksgiving.

You can come as often as you like or as little as once every four weeks. Eggs from your hens are allocated to you every week and will be held for you until pickup. You can schedule chicken pick-up as often as once per week during the summer or pick them up in just two or three trips during the season (using our on-line chicken scheduler.) We'll notify you at least two weeks in advance for beef, pork or lamb pick-ups.


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