“If you want quality, healthy, local meat and eggs, raised in the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly way, by people who care about doing right by the animals, the earth, and their partners - this is the place to go. This family knows their stuff.”

“My wife and I decided a few years ago that eating paleo was the way to go. We feel so lucky to have known the Howards and gotten in early with Harvest Partners. Paleo or not, the meat, eggs, and everything else is delicious!”

“Beth and I ate some of your pork chops this weekend, and boy were they good. Far and away the best pork we have ever eaten. You've spoiled us for any pork but yours. (Just as we have been spoiled for corporate chickens and corporate eggs by your family's chickens and eggs).”

“Heather and I would like to thank you and all of the family for the wonderful heritage turkey you raised for us. When I took it out of the bag, I could feel and smell the difference. It was great to have such a fresh and flavorful bird. Probably the best turkey breast I've ever had -- a sentiment echoed by many -- and the dark meat (my favorite part) was tremendous. Thanks again for all the hard work you put into raising these birds.”

“Being a partner means that we have invested in this approach to food sourcing, and we are deriving many benefits as a result. The egg yolks are rich with nutrients, a deep yellow orange. The chicken is flavorful, definitely the result of a diet of insects and outdoor living, rather than corn feed and restricted movement.”

“Wow! We had our first chicken from you this evening and could not believe the difference! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!”

“Hello Larry and Ethan! Both of you were very, very well received at our conference! We always know if we have good presentations when our members are still talking about our speakers at the evening outing. Everybody is impressed how Ethan is brave enough to drink AND enjoy your morning smoothie! An absolute WOW factor!.”

“I receive many newsletters and other informational brochures in the mail, but none is as inspiring or well written as the one I received from Maple Valley Farm. Your piece on why you will continue working with the lambs reminded me why I love your operation -- your concern for the animals, the environment and the link between our work and our spirits. Thanks so much for providing delicious food and modeling how we should think about our interests and obligations regarding the food we eat.”

“Jeff made a lovely roast beef dish the other night. Dream beef! None of the off flavors of industrial meat. We are completely spoiled. Thank you for doing all you do.”

“In today’s world, it may seem easy to get meat from the grocery store, and not give it much thought. However, not knowing where our meat came from or how it was raised was something that concerned our family. Knowing the Howard Family’s commitment to sustainable farming practices in humanely raising animals to provide meat for us gives both piece of mind as to where our meat comes from, amazing quality, and convenience for a busy family on the go!” 

"Thank you so much for your great talks today! The positive feedback has already started flowing in, and I appreciate your helping to make our day a big success!" 

"The meat is wonderful but, honestly, most of it gets eaten by my grand kids, because we're out of state most of the year. I heard Larry talk and I decided on the spot to invest in this because of what this means for family farms. I want this option for my great grand kids and I believe the Howards can make that happen." 


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