Maple Valley Farm & Harvest Partners in the Press

Here are some recent articles about the farm and the partnership.  CLICK THE CIRCULAR LINK TO READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE:

“In January [2016], Larry and Tina Howard, owners of Maple Valley Farm, created what they call a revolutionary food distribution model. Strong believers in sustainability and environmental stewardship, the Howards’ poultry and pigs roam pastures and woods. Cattle, goats, and sheep graze organic pastures. Herds and flocks are typically moved each day to tall, fully rested pasture. This practice, they say, develops healthy animals, better soil fertility, and nutrient-dense food. And the members of Maple Valley Farm’s Harvest Partners reap the benefits."

“Biomimicry is a method of emulating nature to provide sustainable solutions to human challenges--in this case raising livestock in a way that makes the earth, the animals, and the people who consume the animal products healthier .”

“'God has called us to be stewards of the land, and when you see the results of doing it correctly,  there's nothing more amazing than seeing that,' Tina says. 'When you can share it with people who are so excited and see the results on your own table, there's nothing like that.' ”


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