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Our Purpose

Why we do what we do.

Over a decade ago, we set out to improve our health by improving our diet.  But as we began to search out local sources of clean, naturally produced food, a bigger picture began to emerge.  We had assumed that there were almost infinite options in our food system for people with differing ideas about health. Much to our surprise, we discovered that America's food system is highly centralized and nearly monolithic with regard to the fundamental elements that make up the products offered and concerning the production methods used to create them. The food industry does an amazing job of forming just three highly subsidized crops (corn, wheat and soy) into a vast array of apparently diverse food products, including virtually all of the meat Americans consume.  Even worse, the nutritional profile of much of that food has been compromised as a result of soil nutrient depletion and industrial processes used to grow crops, feed animals and create processed food.  As we learned more about how the food system works, we realized our decisions about food were also decisions about more important matters.  Where and how we purchase our food turns out to be a choice that impacts our family, our community and our environment.   With this understanding, our mission "to heal, to make whole and to redeem the land, the food and the people" was born.


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