Partnership with Bloomingfoods Sustainability Committee

We’re partnering with Bloomingfoods to recycle highly nutritious food waste into nutrient rich compost that can be used to grow even more nourishing food for people!

Bloomingfoods donates all foods that can still be eaten by people, but can no longer be sold, to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank. We pick up other stale produce, bakery, eggs and dairy items including organic fruits and vegetables, gourmet breads and cheeses and we feed these to our breeding pigs in the composting area.  Prepared food items from the previous day are also folded into our composting process.

Separating their food waste is helping Bloomingfoods measure and ultimately reduce the amount of food wasted.  What would otherwise go into a landfill is now being used to keep the mama pigs and their piglets healthy and happy.  Once the piglets are around 90 pounds they move to the woods (we call it pig paradise) where their diet changes to one filled with plants, insects, roots, nuts and a high vitamin, non-GMO grain ration.

Please be sure to patronize our composting partner Maple Grove Gardens on the west end of Maple Grove Rd near Ellettsville for all your mulch, compost and garden materials.  Maple Grove Gardens has provided literally tons of chipped wood for the deep bedding in our pigaerated composting area.  The bedding helps control smells and forms the basis for the rich black compost.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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