Yakitori Chicken Discovery

A friend of ours who specializes in the Japanese method of grilling small pieces of chicken on skewers has been experimenting with our chickens.  He tells us this chicken is amazing and unprecedented in his experience with regard to what he can do with it.  We haven’t had the opportunity to try the final product yet, but it opens up great possibilities for stretching the use of a chicken in an incredibly delicious fashion.  In this method, each and every little muscle of the chicken is cut out and separated into bite-size pieces that are skewered and then carefully grilled over special coals.

Here is a picture our friend sent of one of our chickens cut up this way:


If you’d like to explore this idea further and even try it out, I found this excellent explanation of how to cut up the pieces.  The grilling method is very important too, but I’ll leave finding instructions for that to you!



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